So, I put an original song out into the world…

…and it appears to be a success!

So I finally performed an original song for an open mic night here in Boston. I’ve been doing covers for what seems like a million years now, and I thought I had left behind the world of stage anxiety forever ago. But when you’re performing your own music and lyrics, for an audience, for practically the first time ever, your nerves can definitely resurface and mine definitely did (as evidence by the speed with which I departed the stage after hurriedly thanking the audience for listening to little old me).

I was not prepared for how well both the melodies and the lyrics would be received. So many people sought me out after the performance to complement me and thank me for sharing. One person asked me who the original artist was and was flabbergasted that I had written it, “No offense, it just sounds like a song that everyone would cover because it’s so great!”. Two close friends, both incredible musicians and singers, told me that it brought them to tears and they were listening to it on repeat. I am so shocked at how warmly this song has been received by friends and family as well as by musicians and lyricists I deeply respect.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen to the song and for your incredible support over these many years. Huge ginormous thanks to Matthew Kloosterman for his expert guitar and footmarine, and just being a great friend and bandmate in supporting me throughout the creation of this song. Additional thanks to Neal and the many lovely folks I met at the Roslindale Open Mike (ROM) where Matt & I performed.

If you haven’t checked out “Be My Ghost” yet, you can watch a video from the performance here. I’ll be releasing a studio recording in the next couple weeks of this song, so sign-up for my mailing list (at the bottom of my Contact page here) if you want to stay in the loop. Finally, you can find the lyrics to Be My Ghost here in a new section of my website called Music & Lyrics.

I guess I should probably keep putting out the songs that have been kicking around the cobwebs of my brain for the last 30 years. Stay tuned!

So! What kind of song lyrics do you want to hear next? Did you like Be My Ghost? Leave me a comment below!

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