Be My Ghost

Be My Ghost

He was a ship without an anchor,
He was drifting alone among the stars.
He couldn’t be torn from the darkness,
Or the anger holding ground in his heart.
Couldn’t find a way out of his darkness,
His roots were tangled in my own.
Barely breathing, I was sinking,
Away from the girl I’d left behind.

Could you be my ghost?
Could you let me know?
Could you let me go without a fight this time?
‘Cause we both know, if I don’t go,
I will wither away to nothing in your light.
Could you leave me in your memory tonight?
Horizon out of sight, I quickly faltered,
Spinning back towards familiar shores.
Couldn’t face the weight of my decision,
Lonely nights turned into deep regret.
But with you again, I’d begin to fade,
Without a voice to carry in the wind.
Familiar chapters in a weary book,
Words left to muddle into lines.
Will you be my ghost?
Will you let me go?
Will you let me try to find myself this time?
‘Cause we don’t know,
If you’ll ever grow,
Or just fade away to nothing in the light.
Will you leave me in your memories tonight?
I never meant to break your heart by leaving,
But mine had long since shattered in your charge.
You didn’t see the pieces that you scattered,
Pages from a book I’d left behind.
When you are my ghost,
When I’ve let you go,
When there’s nothing left to say to make it right.
I’ll be fine,
Unafraid of the night,
I will weather every storm you leave behind.
And I will leave you as a memory tonight.

I hope you don’t regret those memories tonight.

© 2018 Cheryn Jin-Hee Couter.  All rights reserved.

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